scapewolf » hi hi -- if your email hasn't changed, you have a message from me. if it has, please let me know =) I'm doing a paper on Bonhoeffer now =P Hope you are well. Please let me know how you are.
scapewolf » By the way, if you'd be willing to talk about Kierkegaard with someone who desperately wants to talk about Kierkegaard, please write me at
scapewolf » They say you can seek after many things, but you will only endure the grueling search if you've seen, or perhaps known, what you're after.
Listless_poet » I chased a gazelle for awhile. I stopped when I realized what a mistake that was. I suppose that's how it goes in life.
Grant » I'm nearly done with secondary educ. teaching high school english it is an honorable and rewarding field. However, think about getting experience in an alternative school before jumping into VA... G
libertus » Well, I guess that just clears everything up. Anyway, hello Liz!
Grant » Oh an before I forget we are not "All Lost" rather some of us are found and are recognized by Jesus leaving us not alone, but together in a greater family.
Grant » Be at peace in Christ, his grace is suffecient. Writing/ranting is hard because Christ knows that life is a gift for you, not a curse and your soul knows that too. Nothing to complain about. Peace
Empty_Dreams » Reality can be a kick in the pants, no?
*Lizzie.<3 » Wow,beautiful blogKeep up the great work. Comment back<3
EmperorNortonII » Yo! Good to see you're doing well.
Malthus » I think your assessment of America & Americans is highly astute - "pointless, drab, and meaningless; all the people seem materialistic and shallow."
Grant » Hey Liz have you read the book "the Stranger" by Camus? If not it is a good story about an existentialist. Also, Martin Buber a mystisist/existentialist wrote a book "I & Thou" check it out too!
grant » could purpose be found in serving the Lord in the best way we can?
GreyKat » The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom. (W.Blake)
Libertus » Hiya Liz! I hope that all is going well for you!
Duluth Sarah » Hey Liz, hope all is well , it would be great to read more about what you think update woman !!! you are one of my favorite people
Matthew » Is my email being fickle or are you just busy? or is it both...
Matthew » No doubt. But at least I would get some chai and Bowie time in.
Liz » Hmmm, that's pretty close, but I still think I won...
Matthew » I might argue that over a black chai tea whislt blasting some David Bowie crooning in the background.
Liz » Nothing is better than sipping a homemade honey-cinnamon-rum latte while blasting the euphoric chantings of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the background.
grant » you should listen to Martin Sexton if you like upper register singing and cool guitar stuff.
Grant » my blog exists but you shouldn't put it up, b/c I don't really update it anymore... if you ever want to know what I'm reading or poetry I'm writing just write me an e-mail
Liz » Grant, what is your blog address again? I lost all my favorites listings...
grant » simply facinating anyway have fun with you 100th entry
grant » to the Norse peoples in order to give them an easier way to write down their history. The two are hoplessly intertwined not to mention early Norse stories bare resemblance to oriental mythology.
grant » In college I read the poetic Edda the stories of Norse Gods. The interesting thing I thought of from reading your blog is that some stories are in runic however christianity is what brought language
Liz » Not that it actually matters, but I've just reached my 100th blog entry! Woo-hoo!
Dark » What chrysalis said..snazzy blog indeed.
chrysalis » A rare and fascinating blog, by what appearances suggest must needs be an unusually intelligent and articulate person. Bravo!
Brandon » Liz? Where are u im in town for a couple of weeks and looking for my favorite movie fan =) Brandon
grant » Without good and evil and human advancement a place like middle earth wouldn't exist so Sauron must exist there so good and evil is balanced.
grant » 8Q
Libertus » Hi Liz! It has been nice chatting with you several times as of late! I hope that you're doing well!
Grant » sounds like you need to write more poetry.
Liz » Where did everyone go? And what happened to me counter? Grrr...
Parisian15 » Nice place you have here.
Sage_Ghost » It's a nice change.
Liz » I changed the picture on my profile as well. I thought it was time for an update.
Name » Message
Sage_Ghost » Drop me a line when you have some time. I miss the emails.
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grant » I also think all cultures have pluses and minuses some more than others life is dualism no matter what culture you come from.
grant » hey liz, check out the ways korean religious beliefs are mirrors of those in the middle east or vice versa. Vietnam, also shows parallels.
Liz » bah. Just being lazy.
Sage_Ghost » Hey Liz, you've been AWOL for two weeks now. What gives?
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Sarah(from east orch » Hey liz , question...can you send me an email telling how to upload images to my blog...i've been fighting with it forever and i can't do it...grrrrrrr..ok bye bye
Emperor Norton II » Awesome, yo! As have I...
Liz » Be sure to check out comments from previous entries; I responded to some of them.
Liz » Sweet.
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grant » The whole premise of the book is that question and it "blew" my mind away, if you've read the book, perhaps blew is not the best word hahaha
grant » oh and with the affecting people during ones lifetime, if you haven't read it, read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.
grant » you should take a jazz/blues history course liz, there are so many types of jazz and blues one can lose track.
RealGold » I came across your blog in the normal way, randomly! I like it, I started my own blog. Thanks
Emperor Norton II » Ah. I suck.
Liz » scroll down
Emperor Norton II » Announce what?
Liz » I'm not sure how to announce it.
Sage_Ghost » No arguments here.
jr » hey
Elvensarah » In fact, you are so good, someone on my debate blog thinks you are me!
Elvensarah » Liz, you should announce your new entries on the main blogdrive board so more people know about them! It is a common practice and your blog is better than most.
grant » the only thing starware does is give another search engine lol
grant » perhaps say I "potted" some plants or "transplanted" oh and as far as spyware that sux I have a program called starware and it blocks pop ups but I think it itself is spyware how weird is that?
grant » perhaps say I "potted" some plants or "transplanted" oh and as far as spyware that sux I have a program called starware and it blocks pop ups but I think it itself is spyware how weird is that?
grant » perhaps say I "potted" some plants or "transplanted" oh and as far as spyware that sux I have a program called starware and it blocks pop ups but I think it itself is spyware how weird is that?
Emperor Norton II » Yes, but I don't believe Liz will be able to obtain rum.
Sage_Ghost » don't forget about the big gold earings and the keg of rum!! (You can't be a pirate without rum)
Emperor Norton II » And a hook, and an exotic small animal, and a cutlass, and a big goofy hat.
Sage_Ghost » With an eyepatch?
Emperor Norton II » Mayhaps you should dress up like a pirate for the pic. Everyone loves pirates.
Liz » Bah, I don't like that picture either. I'll change it shortly.
woodsmoke » Heh heh, and here I was thinking I'm the only one.
Sage_Ghost »'re weird....
Emperor Norton II » Ok, maybe I'm just wierd, but every time I look at that Vulture picture, I wonder what it'd taste like...
woodsmoke » Score, I like this one. 'Course, I'm also looking forward to the new one, so I win either way.
Liz » I got sick of that other picture. This is the interim one until I get another, better one.
Emperor Norton II » I saw it for the first time not long ago- quite funny.
Liz » Nope
Emperor Norton II » Liz, you seen Cannibal: The Musical?
Sage_Ghost » Virtue and Vice? Idealization and Complacency? It's raining Tao!!
Liz » It's a movie about life, not about the hollywood version of life.
Liz » well you have to look into it a little bit. The film is very philosophically deep and everything ties together thematically. There is no hokey, predictable hollywood ending. That's the whole point.
Kelly » umm. one time i watched magnolia. while i was watching it i thought it was such an amazing movie. i kept waiting for the spectacular ending, where all of the different storylines would be tied up into
Kelly » some great meaningful ending. but no. i got fucking frogs raining out of the sky. what the fuck???? so then i hated that movie and wanted that 3.5 hours of my life back.
Emperor Norton II » Life is only half luck and half choice, grant. It's not always about what you sow.
grant » when talking about sewing and reeping don't for get the parable of the wheat and the weeds! Hey liz, I'm pullin for ya you'll figure it out.
Sage_Ghost » Boo. Yah.
Emperor Norton II » Wow... nethersuck sounds pretty kewl- I'm gonna have to start using that one.
sage_ghost » Hmmm...only eight shades of gray...oh my god! It's beyond sucking! It's nethersuck!!!
Emperor Norton II » That's about ten shades of suck...
Liz » Sweet. I just realized that none of the "Notable Entries" links work. Dang it, I spend a good hour or two on that.
Sage_Ghost » 2 1/2 weeks with no new blog...ohhh.
Wandering_Soul » I dare say that it suits you.
Farasha » Yes, 'tis arabic indeed.
Wandering_Soul » Emoticon:
Wandering_soul » I think it's arabic...actually.